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Hair Styling

Hair Styling
Brand: Actral Model: 87671845108020
Amla+Jasmine hair oil contains oodles of essential fatty acids, which strengthen the hair follicles. It promotes hair growth and reduces hair greying. It is excellent hair conditioner, removing dandruff from scalp. It cures hair loss and nourishes the dry and frizzy hair...
Rs. 595
Brand: Actral Model: 19181928732830
Vaseline hair tonic and scalp conditioner-100mlPour a little into handMassage vigorously into scalp and hairThen groomAdded protectionKeep away from heat..
Rs. 487
Brand: Nova Gold Model: 32547415932415
Firm HoldLong LastingHair FixerInvisible Hold..
Rs. 757
Brand: Actral Model: 33988102724894
Extract of few bitter herbs, very effective for the removal of lice & eggs.Regular use will prevent lice re-growth.Useful for all hair diseases.Also remove hair fungus completely.Eradicate hair germs & follicles..
Rs. 595
Brand: Actral Model: 44283619963112
Trichup Oil For Hair Strengthen And LongContains the natural goddess of sesame oil and coconut oil which are further enriched with herbs.Revitalizes hair follicles stimulates growth an hair strong & longerTrichup Oil is a Natrul anti-fall200 ml..
Rs. 1,622
Brand: Actral Model: 99383610896057
Feel nourishing and perfect texture while maintaining the natural balance of the hair.Ingredients matter, our keratin treatment is formulated with three certifiedorganic oils to replenish natural moisture, treating dry and damaged fibers from chemical processing to improve elasticity while controlli..
Rs. 1,298
Brand: Actral Model: 77791189334036
Oil ControlStop Hair Falling Fast Regrowth new Hair'sBaldness completely finish Long Strong and healthy hairsDandruff 100% Finish..
Rs. 1,947
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