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Brand: Subkuchpk Model: 14640430511428
Glides on smooth and delivers intense eye definition in one stroke Available in a range of stunning shades Waterproof, no smudging, no fading Sebum resistant for 36 hours Features a built-in sharpener..
Rs. 1,590
Brand: Subkuchpk Model: 86980112633816
Pastel Artliner is easily applied with its felt-tipped pen design and makes it possible to use different eyeliner methods. With a flake and smudge-free formula that is resistant to water, moisture, and temperature, it maintains its effect for a long time. Ensures for the looks you cast to be jet-bla..
Rs. 1,000
Brand: Subkuchpk Model: 25844764189154
Define your eyes with Eyeliner that comes from Pastel. Perfect for creating smokey eyes look, this eyeliner has a smudger on one of its ends that can be used as per your desire...
Rs. 1,325
Brand: Actral Model: 38534552009202
The professional combo is easy to use.Line with the smooth kohl eyeliner and flick with the super precise felt tip.For extra definition and intensity.Very light and smoothGood pigmentationCreamy with a tad bit of shineSemi-matteLong lasting..
Rs. 1,800
Brand: Actral Model: 33404530835171
Eyeliner Color: BlackNatural fine brushEasily peels offWaterproofSmooth application..
Rs. 519
Brand: Actral Model: 76901201593758
Key Features100% Waterproof Long Lasting Laboratory Tested For 24 HoursSmudge-Proof Formula, Resists Sweat, Tears, And Water..
Rs. 1,071
Brand: Actral Model: 24802995046457
Key FeaturesExcellent PigmentHigh QualitySmooth ApplicationPerfect Finish..
Rs. 519
Brand: ELF Model: 53187558124491
•The cream formula creates smooth lines•Smudge-proof, budge-proof and water-resistant..
Rs. 1,514
Brand: Actral Model: 79388644698293
Key FeaturesNow you can complete your eye makeup with least efforts using this efficient beauty product. Featuring both mascara and eye liner, you can now save your time and get that dramatic eyes with perfection.Reflects attractive and glamorous eyesStays long and easy to removeGives rich volume to..
Rs. 843
Brand: Subkuchpk Model: 28322868193586
Colour: BlackMeasurement: Weight: Box Measurement: 0x0x0Product details of Eyelash Adhesive (Glue) Sweet Touch London White -- Buy Eyelash Adhesive (Glue) Sweet Touch White and Get Free Socks Specifications of Eyelash Adhesive (Glue) Sweet Touch London White BrandNew Ahmed CollectionSKU1337590..
Rs. 541
Brand: Actral Model: 84844320135427
Key FeaturesExcellent PigmentHigh QualitySmooth ApplicationPerfect Finish..
Rs. 433
Brand: Actral Model: 36076893650859
Key FeaturesLong Lasting FinishBeauty at best pricePrep, prime & perfect to put your best face forward..
Rs. 735
Brand: Actral Model: 70129912964190
Key FeaturesFor Queries, contact Product Expert @0301-8268457(Between 10 AM to 7 PM)Doesn't Dry UpEasy to applySmudge freeLong lastingDoesn't irritate the eyes..
Rs. 519
Brand: Actral Model: 48265645438895
Key FeaturesExcellent PigmentHigh QualitySmooth ApplicationPerfect Finish..
Rs. 487
Brand: Lakme Model: 38641928948418
Key FeaturesLightweight and comfortable eye make-up for perfect definitionIt is water-resistant formula that ensures no smudging or smearingIt is deep intense color that does not fade...
Rs. 1,080