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Makeup Removers

Makeup Removers
Brand: Actral Model: 13032678012751
Cotton Makeup Pads are cotton pads ideal for the removal and application of make-up, lotions, nail polish and cleansers. Made from premium 100% cotton, they are highly absorbent, hygienic and feature a unique ‘stitching’ around the edge of the pad to hold them together even when very wet. They are p..
Rs. 595
Brand: Garnier Model: 45787160580845
By 1 get 1 Free Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 Makeup Remover & Cleanser-125ml & 100ml FreeAll-in-1 cleanser and makeup remover cleanses, removes makeup and refreshes skinSurprisingly powerful yet gentle to skin, micelle technology attracts dirt, oil and makeup like a magnet without harsh rubbin..
Rs. 1,475
Brand: Subkuchpk Model: 96734132699162
Skin type: NORMAL. Eliminates impurities without irritating. Deeply soothes and nourishes. Protects thanks to antioxidants. Leaves the skin clean and soft. Leaves no greasy film. Vitamin E: powerful antioxidant..
Rs. 1,380
Brand: Garnier Model: 84435029851195
Product details of GARNIER SKIN NATURALS MICELLAR OIL-INFUSED CLEANSING WATER REVIEWContains argan oilPerfect one-step cleanserEffectively removes makeupBest for dry, dehydrated skinPRODUCT DESCRIPTION The 1st oil infused Micellar Cleansing Water, powerful at removing makeup, even waterproof ye..
Rs. 812
Brand: Subkuchpk Model: 90929572630490
Luscious Clean Smoothie Makeup Remover Cloth..
Rs. 1,000
Brand: Subkuchpk Model: 22792086730481
Makeup Revolution Pro Makeup Eraser Towel..
Rs. 1,900
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