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Bake ware

Bake ware
Brand: Subkuchpk Model: 83573407642062
GREAT FOR HOME BAKING1)Use these cake tools for fun and easy cake decorating.2)A simple kitchen tool toy for you and your kids.3)Ideal tools for DIY cooking, family, party, and picnic, adding lots of happy time.4)Perfect gift for Christmas and all kinds of occasions.BEST KITCHEN GIFTBaking is a fami..
Rs. 550
Brand: Subkuchpk Model: 39769527992878
Wooden cake skewers (dowels) are ideal for giving cakes extrasupport· when constructing multiple tiered cakes.· Stick the pointy end of the skewer down through the center ofthe top cake.· The cool part is that the skew..
Rs. 379
Brand: Subkuchpk Model: 10320081994616
Simply Bamboo WoodPizza Peel Cutting Board/Serving Tray11.5" ~ 29.2cmColor: Brown..
Rs. 1,300
Brand: Subkuchpk Model: 70235534895340
Bake heart shaped waffles at home using this awesome silicone waffles mold. Its silicone built makes it oven and freezer safe, also it's naturally non-stick, making it perfect for baking waffles and easily getting them out of the mold...
Rs. 1,190
Model: 70601199487697
Do you love your iPhone or iMac? Bake a cookie or cut fondant in shape of the apple logo to decorate your cakes. This cutter is made of steel and is very long-lasting. This item can be washed easily. Size: 3 inches approximately..
Rs. 865
Brand: Subkuchpk Model: 61935468209464
Decorate your cakes with cool beads laces made of fondant or gum paste using this easy to use beads cutter. This cutter is made of good quality plastic and is very durable. This item can easily be washed...
Rs. 1,080
Brand: Subkuchpk Model: 62536507189795
Sharp edges cut .crisp precisionDurable stainless steel...
Rs. 1,500
Brand: Subkuchpk Model: