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Discount Policy

Discount Policy


   ·                     Only one quantity is allowed for the purchase of each discounted product. If/or any such order(s) contains similar e-mail address, billing/shipping address/contact number having more than 1 quantity of the discounted product(s), reserves the right to cancel all such order(s) at any point of time whatsoever without any intimation to the customer.


   ·                     If the discounted product runs out of stock, the reimbursement will be made for the paid amount only.


   ·                     In case of order cancellation due to any reason, Subkuchpk will not be liable to refund the discount amount. 


Offers, deals and promotions


From time to time, various offers, deals and promotions may be advertised on properties, which include its website, Facebook page, Twitter page, YouTube channel, Google+ page, and other on-ground and online media. Such offers, deals and promotions will generally be time-barred and will have specific rules applied to each of them. Any dispute or misunderstanding arising related to these offers, deals and/or promotions may be duly communicated to [email protected] for review. However, it is hereby understood that by the usage of the the platform, you as the user agree that the final decision in such cases will rest with