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Water Purifiers

Water Purifiers
Brand: Subkuchpk Model: 98748608737137
Wash hands with soap and water,then rmove the filter from the bagSoak the filter in cod water for 15 minutes. Make sure the water covers the filter completely.Hand wash the variopus filter jug compartmnts using mild liquid soap and water. Rise well.Hold filter under cold running water for a few seco..
Rs. 2,704
Brand: Subkuchpk Model: 91822067586507
Size: 6cm*1.8cmMaterial:Stone+Magnetic+PP+PS+PVCColor: Yellow/Green/ Blue(we will arrangecolor randomly)High Quality MaterialFeature:1.Great item for reducing residual chlorine in water as well as removing impurities inside the water2.Makes water pure and tasty & bland, avoiding splashing3.Treat..
Rs. 1,000
Model: 77814564464574
Product Details of 2 Pcs PH Buffer Solution Powder PH For Test Meter Measure Calibration 4.01 6.86·Simply mix with 250 mLof Pure Clearwater.·✔ Easy to carry for travel.·✔ Longer shelf life than solution - 3 years.·✔ Pre-measured for accurate results.·✔ Store in a dry space.2 * PH Buffer Solution Pow..
Rs. 420
Model: 93861190746204
RO Pipe 1/4 Sizevery high Quality Pipe.10 Feet lenghtMicron Rating: 0.5Used For: Domestic Ro Systems, Water Purifiers & FiltersShelf Life: 5 YearFood Grade material..
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Brand: Subkuchpk Model: 13535571984736
Very Economical Domestic size.2 stage MineralsEasy to installVery high Quality..
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Brand: Subkuchpk Model: 58520241580625
Special Bundle offer on special price PPf-1 + CTO + GAC Water Filter Cartridge100% brand new and high qualityEfficient to filter out impurities and hazardous substances, very functionalCan be applied to most of the water cleaners, purifiers Reverse osmosis systems in the marketGreatly help..
Rs. 980
Brand: Subkuchpk Model: 92749255863039
Special Bundle offer on special price PPf-5 + CTO + GAC Water Filter Cartridge1st Stage:5 Micron Polypropylene Sediment removes large and fine particles such as sand, dirt, silt, and rust particles.2nd Stage:GAC Activated Carbon Filters: removes chlorine, odors and tastes of many organic compounds.3..
Rs. 900
Brand: Subkuchpk Model: 93417223264713
Very Economical Domestic size.4 stage MineralsEasy to installVery high Quality..
Rs. 950
Brand: Subkuchpk Model: 89104540844621
Features: Micron rating: 5 Micron Dimensions: 10” x 2.5” Lifetime: 4 - 6 months filter life (depending on the water quality). Replace to keep pleasant taste of your water. This cartridge is tested is certified by NSF International under NSF/ANS/Standard for material requirem..
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Brand: Subkuchpk Model: 98147113649243
Removes dirt,sand and other impuritiesMake water Pure Crystal ClearEasy to install and maintenanceFitting & Pipe included..
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Brand: Subkuchpk Model: 50804497864236
High Quality Water PurificationPowerful Ultraviolet systemFor Drinking,Cooking,Arsanic Free WaterEasy to installFitting and Pipe included..
Rs. 5,900